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    Post by Kromel on Mon Dec 06, 2010 3:03 pm

    Injury: Investigators function normally until reduced to 2 hit points or lower. When they reach 2 or below, the character falls unconscious. If hit points reach 0 or lower, the character dies in the following combat round unless a friend intervenes. Raising the hit points to a positive number in this interval will save the investigator’s life.

    Shock from a fall or electricity may stun an investigator for up to 1D6 combat rounds. Stunned, the investigator may parry or Dodge, but not otherwise act. Being stunned may or may not include losing hit points.
    If, from a single wound, an investigator loses hit point equal to half or more of his current hit points, the player must roll the investigator’s CON x5 or less on a D100 or the investigator falls unconscious. When an investigator has 1 or 2 hit points left, he or she automatically falls unconscious, and no longer actively participates in the game. Though living, he or she will not wake until 1 hit point rise to 3 or more. The keeper may privately determine an alternative length of unconsciousness. Time may heal the wound enough that the investigator can stagger away, or he or she may be helped by a successful First Aid or Medicine roll.

    Special types of damage, such as fire or acid, or loss of limbs, will likely also incur permanent loss to attributes.

    Combat: Dexterity determines the order of attack, from highest to lowest. Should two have the same DEX, a D100 is rolled for each. The one with the lowest result goes first.

    If hand-to-hand weapons and firearms are being used in the same general encounter, then aimed and ready firearms shoot once in DEX order before any hand-to-hand fighting takes place. After the first shots are fired, a second DEX cycle is ranked, in which all who make hand-to-hand attacks, performing automatic actions, using some version of characteristic, using a skill, or casting a spell, act.

    A gun rated at three shots or more in a round fires once more, at half the shooter’s DEX, in the last part of the round.

    In other words, firearms can launch two or three times the number of attacks possible to hand-to-hand weapons, and automatic weapons up to thirty times as many. But beware of gunfights: they’re signs that the investigators have made bad choices.

    Armor and Cover: Humans have worn a variety of body armors. How much and what sort of damage armor stops is for ingenious investigators to explore. Armor is not lost if one attack penetrates it. Armor has a lot of surface area, and bullet holes and knife holes are small. The chance of penetrating armor in the same place twice is too small to consider.

    The 1920s offer scant armored clothing. At most an investigator can expect a heavy leather jacket or coat, or perhaps a WWI helmet through illegal means, though exceptions to that rule exist. Armor grants damage resistance, so that a heavy leather jacket can stop 1 HP of damage for every hit sustained. Smart investigators can also make use of the environment, hiding behind doors or walls to avoid damage. In such a case, the barrier acts like armor for the purposes of damage reduction.

    Magic: Whether or not investigators gain much by knowing Mythos magic, they always find Mythos magic inconvenient to apply. When they do use Mythos spells, even for benevolent purposes, they lose Sanity points in consequence. Few Mythos spells are quickly performed. Spells must be approached warily, since often what they do and what they cost is utterly unknown. Mythos magic can be a dangerous trap, for in using it investigators lose Sanity points and add Cthulhu Mythos, more and more becoming like those whom they seek to defeat. Mythos magic bewilders shocks, disorients, and debilitates its human practitioners. With enough exposure, the psychic contradictions involved in using this magic drives humans insane.

    In the game, investigators mostly experience magic from the outside, as the targets of it, or by witnessing the effects of spells cast by someone else. But occasionally, they may gain access to tomes or notes that can teach spells to those who diligently study them. The process may takes weeks or even months, and some Sanity loss is to be expected merely from reading such a book, as well as earning Cthulhu Mythos points.

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