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    Costs for Services

    Bed Intruder
    Bed Intruder

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    Costs for Services Empty Costs for Services

    Post by Kromel on Thu Dec 09, 2010 3:34 pm

    For 12 Words $0.25
    per additional word $.02
    international, per word $1.25

    to one ounce $0.03
    to two ounces $0.05
    each additional two ounces $0.02

    Console Radio Receiver $49.95
    Desk Phone (Bridging type) $15.75
    Telegraph Outfit $4.25
    Newspaper $0.05

    Movie Tickets
    Seated $0.15
    Nickelodeon $0.05

    Pro. Baseball Ticket $.1.00

    Concert Hall or Ballet Tickets
    Public Seating $4.00
    Box $10.00

    Speakeasy Prices
    Rotgut Gin (shot) $0.10
    Cocktail $0.25
    Wine (glass) $0.75
    Beer (glass) $0.25
    Whiskey (glass) $0.25

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