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    Still Standing

    The Dagda
    The Dagda

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    Still Standing

    Post by ephie on Sat Dec 11, 2010 1:32 pm

    Rho and I are currently watching Still Standing front to back. It only had three and a half seasons before being canceled, but in it's last season it still pulled in seven million viewers.

    There's a channel on Stagevu for it, found here. (That account also has Venture Brothers, Sandford and Son, Little Rascals, and a few good series front to back.)

    A working class couple in Chicago try to instill good values in their three kids, Brian (Taylor Ball), Lauren (Renee Olstead), and Tina (Soleil Borda), but their own past experiences often conflict with the lessons they try to teach to their children. Judy Miller (Jami Gertz) is the attractive wife who was wooed by Bill (Mark Addy) when he duplicitously dated Judy's less attractive friend. Judy started dating Bill when she noticed him to be sensitive. Bill noticed Judy in front of the lockers located by the principal's office, wearing a tight red Aerosmith t-shirt and jeans with her right pocket ripped.

    Judy and Bill were both popular in high school and they never outgrew that teenage mentality. Neither one has the level of maturity to teach their kids right and wrong, often causing a role reversal between the parents and the children. Judy's unmarried sister, Linda (Jennifer Irwin), continuously butts heads with Bill.
    So if you're a fan of funny shows that can also be downright mean, you should watch Still Standing. I liken it to Gary Unmarried with its writing and jabs.

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