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    Bloodline Champions

    The Dagda
    The Dagda

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    Bloodline Champions Empty Bloodline Champions

    Post by ephie on Mon Jan 17, 2011 1:19 pm

    Bloodline Champions Bloodlines-Champions_Header

    From Wikipedia:
    Bloodline Champions features team-based arena-style gameplay where the player chooses a character of a certain type (the type is referred to as a bloodline, while individuals are champions) and battles against other players' champions. There are four categories of bloodlines: melee attack, ranged attack, healer, and tank. There are currently 16 bloodlines, with four in each category. Each bloodline has seven abilities, each of which has its own cooldown, as well as triggering short global cooldowns. The seventh ability is an ultimate ability that may only be used after using a sufficient number of abilities successfully, such as healing allies, damaging enemies, and otherwise helping your team, in order to fill an energy meter. Champions also have HP (Health Points)—when the champion runs out of HP, the champion dies, removing it from combat. Each champion also has two items that grant additional abilities. The Bloodline Medallion allows a champion to recover an increasing amount of HP over a period of time and Resurrect revives nearby fallen teammates. Both items require a significant amount of uninterrupted time to prepare, which makes them impractical in immediate combat.

    The controls in Bloodline Champions are similar to a first-person shooter, as the bloodline's movement is controlled using the W, A, S, and D keys. The primary two abilities are mapped to the left and right mouse buttons, and the rest of the abilities are used with the Q, E, R, F, and space keys. Almost all the abilities are aimed, where the direction of the ability is determined by the position of the cursor on the screen relative to the champion's position. A few defensive abilities are directed by hovering the cursor on the desired recipient, and some abilities target a specific location on the playing field. Bloodline Champions also features fog of war which represents the areas of the map which cannot be seen due to visual obstruction or distance. There are obstacles on the map which create fog of war and inhibit movement. Champions have their own collision, which can be used to inhibit movement and protect allies (for example a tank bloodline will have a larger collision size, making it easier to defend teammates by blocking fire, but also being more susceptible to focus fire). In Bloodline Champions there are no critical hits, minimum or maximum damage, or other random elements

    My thoughts on it are that it's fun at the moment. There's not much more strategy other than jump in and just mash until you have your ultimate. I could imagine a group of friends having a better time coordinating in an Arena than in, say, LoL as there aren't really any random elements or variation aside from the heroes themselves. BLC seems to be trying to get in on this whole customization / skin thing, with different skins and weapons you can buy. Thankfully, you can buy any of them without real money, but the free coin price is STEEP. The graphics are everything we've seen from Diablo 3, and the gameplay seems to be everything we've seen from arena based Diablo 3. The sound is great, at least, yeah? All in all, it's a solid little PvP game, but not worth putting real money into in my opinion.

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