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    You are tearin' me apart!
    You are tearin' me apart!

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    Xsyon Empty Xsyon

    Post by Griggle990 on Sat Mar 05, 2011 10:43 am

    I recently came across a new game called Xsyon which is a crafting MMORPG. The setting if the game take place in a post apocalyptic USA where theres no technology and humans went back to swords and spears. The world map is huge and lush with trees, grass, animals, and water. But since it is a post apocalyptic future, there are junk piles and you die of radiation when you reach the broader. of the map.

    What you do in the game is that you have to make everything. Cloths, tools, weapons, houses, walls, roads, etc. You can join tribes and create large cities, or stay in a close knit group and attack people who leave their tribe's radius. In this game you increase you stats by making things. The more you make, the higher your stats will get. There are no NPCs except animals and you do quests by make one at your tribes totem at the center of town. there is no currency so people have to traid items to get items.

    I know that games like Minecraft is very player driven, but there are no dedicated servers and it is quite unstable at times. But this game is a dedicated MMO and lots of people play it and I hear its fun. I think this game is very interesting and I think we should try it out.

    This is a video about some of the basics of the game.

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