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    Word of Mouth

    The Dagda
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    Word of Mouth Empty Word of Mouth

    Post by ephie on Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:54 pm

    Our biggest drive of people will be through word of mouth, and that's a fact. It's free, it's easy (To do, not to succeed, that is.), and it's the best way at the moment. If people like the forums, they will tell other people, right? What I'm proposing is not that we cater to new people or we change what we're doing, but rather to spread the word and spread it truthfully. I'm not going to bullshit around, this isn't meant for anything but to have a good time. I want to have a forum I can log on to and read everyday with friends I want to talk to and game within a stress free environment that requires you to do nothing but enjoy. That's a simple and beautiful thing.

    Ways we can accomplish WoM advertising:

    • Spreading between friends: Just imagine, if you got two friends to join the forum and like it, and they told two friends, how it would multiply from there. This is the easiest out of all the ways we can exercise WoM.
    • Forum/Site/Link/Banner swapping: This is slightly rougher. We don't want anyone to catch a bad rap as just spamming a site. But if you know a forum you're on or a friend who owns a site, why not? Networking is what's great about the internet.
    • Events: This one hasn't really been fleshed out, and may not be for a while. We're not really anything but a forum, and that's okay. But if some of us get together and game together, or we have a Mob movie night together, that's a potential spark to the rest of the world. Who wouldn't want to be with a community that is active and does stuff?

    Ways we can accomplish being a fun, friendly community:

    • Fun Threads: The more threads the better. But we also need some quality to a thread. The This Or That thread is a high post thread, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a great thread. Putting a few minutes thought into a thread idea will greatly improve this.
    • Swift Justice: What do I mean by this? Well that means we get rid of spammers and trolls-of-the-overkill nature. By getting rid of things that cause stress and drama to our forum, we free up our forum to become a great place to be.
    • Event Brainstorming and Hosting: Events, as I said before, are a great way to spark talk. I have ideas for things like a movie night, where one of us streams a movie to the rest while we're all on Mumble (or some VOIP) together. Egg thought of having a retro game night, which is epic, by the way. Event ideas like these are just plain fun.

    There are other ways, and that's what I'm curious to hear from other mouths. Catface Any idea is welcome to be heard.

    Spread the word about The Irish Mob! If you like it, let people know! If you have an idea or suggestion, let the rest of the forums know!

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