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    What smileys do you have?

    The Dagda
    The Dagda

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    What smileys do you have? Empty What smileys do you have?

    Post by ephie on Sat Nov 27, 2010 2:10 am

    We are currently running with Yolks' smileys. Hopefully I'll get around to putting up more, to where we can have five or so different sets. Here's the Yolks in full.

    Anger Blushing Scary Cool Disappear Dizzy Drunk Evil Questioning On Fire Flaming Gah Vandalism Grr Kaboom Kawaii Love Catface Moozik Ninja Om Nom Not Funny Laa Oh Noes Ouch Pout Psycho Scared Shy Sick Sigh Snicker Snooty Da Biz Uhh Do Want Whisper Whistle Pirate Zombie ^_^ -_- Sad Happy Loathing Buck Teeth Grin Oh Orh Cry Dead XB Hilarious Sleepy

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