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    Post by ephie on Sun Nov 28, 2010 12:13 am

    Many of you already know about my comic obsession. While it started off as dabbling in sprites and the such, it's now bred off to the point where I have my own gag-a-day digital strip and am writing more and more.

    The aforementioned strip, Pants are Good, is currently running and is updated once a day. I like to think that I get just offensive enough to keep people without scaring potential people off. My jokes are bad and my puns can be worse, but I like to think I write a gem from time to time. Here's the latest strip:
    eph comics, Inc. 341e7db5c349bc5d1923d0cade7ced54Hoff-stra

    Every fifty strips is considered a season, and hopefully I can keep this as fresh, new, exciting, and funny as possible to may release a book or two. Catface That would be epic. ^_^ So come check me out, read and laugh if possible, and give me a critique, whether it be there or here. And if you have anything funny, don't hesitate to share! Grin

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    Addition, here's my profile (and the rest of my comics) on Drunk Duck!

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