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    Mytheon Beta Testing

    Sad Keanu
    Sad Keanu

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    Mytheon Beta Testing

    Post by catalyticCthulhu on Sat Feb 12, 2011 5:55 am

    So there is another MMO in development called Mytheon that I feel some of you may enjoy. It is an 3rd person isometric(I think that is the term for the overhead, angled 3rd person view that Diablo2 uses) action-rpg game akin to your Diablos and such. Hard to tell you specifically where it breaks from a cookie-cutter action-rpg, but it is a "persistent world," only with instanced zones for you and your buddies akin to Guild Wars.

    I was in the previous(? maybe not THE most recent one, but back when I had internets, we'll say) testing phase and had a good bit of fun with it, and now I just got my invite to the current round of testing(betas are falling out of the sky for me this week!). I am not hugely in love with a Diablo2-style game, but mixed with substantive MMORPG features, I get intrigued(while Darkspore is failing to impress me this very day). So hopefully they have made some improvements since my last foray into this digital fantasy world to make it worth the download and time away from the other games I am playing this week(Rift starts back up Tuesday and in the mean time Two Worlds II is the name of the game.. with New Vegas still patiently waiting on my download drive waiting for its turn to come out and play).

    Go check it out and try to get into beta so we can playses together.. Otherwise I will keep you posted with my findings!

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