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    Roger Gardner, the Irish American Mobster

    Jessi Slaughter
    Jessi Slaughter

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    Roger Gardner, the Irish American Mobster Empty Roger Gardner, the Irish American Mobster

    Post by irishcorey Sat Jan 19, 2013 4:58 pm

    I was on wikipedia and back in 2009 they had something titled, "List of Irish - American Mobsters by era".

    It had the following:

    Roger Gardner (d. 1992) was an Irish - American mobster from upstate New York. He was an associate of the Magaddino and Gambino crime families, described as the key link. Gardner raked in millions from his construction rackets and was known as "Digger".

    I couldn't find anything on the guy and though it could be a hoax. I contacted Buffalo newspaper reporters and nothing. I contacted Buffalo historians and nothing. I've contacted Mafia writers and historians and nothing.

    Then I found something on Roger Andrew Gardner, born 1935 in Pennsylvania, died in 1992 at Buffalo, New York. He married Ruth Chapman Ward in 1956 and she died young in 1963, and nothing more on this guy.

    It was added by someone named 'Claddaugh', and it was the only entry made by that person.

    He kind of reminds me of Danny Greene, an Irishman who was an associate of the Italian Mafia.

    Has anyone heard of Roger "Digger" Gardner?

    Does anyone have information on Roger Gardner, the mysterious Irish mobster?

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