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    State of the Mob

    The Dagda
    The Dagda

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    State of the Mob Empty State of the Mob

    Post by ephie Mon Jan 17, 2011 12:45 pm

    Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up at the very least biweekly. State of the Mob was something that was used to bring news, changes, and info to the forum goers. Grin I'm going to use this to highlight threads of good info and links to said threads created and/or that've exploded in the past week/two weeks/however long. Kawaii

    Where we are.
    Now that the holidays are over, I'm back myself, and I can only assume that the holidays were spent having fun with friends and family for everyone. It's been a bit slow, I know, but now that I'm back from my trip to Rho, I'm up for gaming and posting again. Grin Hit me up, I only have school on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and similarly, I bet others are down to play as well. So let us know! Buck Teeth

    What we're doing.
    Pander and Philosophize

    • About WikiLeaks
      Narrowly taking the cake in the PnP forum was a thread about WikiLeaks by Redline. Jump in there, and give your opinion if you haven't already! There's good discussion in it about the rights and wrongs of it and how you feel it is being handled.
    • Paper vs Tech
      One post shy of her Wikileaks thread is Redline's Paper versus Tech thread. The discussion explored opinions on eReaders, pad devices that store books for reading on the go.
    • Looks vs Substance
      Red's beating the rest of us up in the PnP forum! ;D The last thread we'll highlight discusses what you look for in a partner.

    Gaming (BOOM! HEADSHOT!)

    • League of Legends
      The single biggest thread we have in the Gaming forum talks about the free to play game League of Legends. Most discussion revolves around matches played and strategies concocted as well as trying to get a game going. By Wildman.
    • Mob L4D2
      It's always more fun to play Left 4 Dead with friends, isn't it? Let's get a game going people! By Redline.
    • Mobsters + Sims 3 = ?
      Rhosauce explores creating any Mobsters that signed up in the thread in the Sims 3. Beware, you may be birthed by one of your friends. ;D Not sure if it's still occurring, but post and find out!
    • Gaming Plans
      Kromel's attempting to keep a nice and clean, simple thread for gaming plans. Post for games, mang!
      Elder Scrolls V: SKYRIM
      Koblentz verbally masterbates to the sound of Swords and sorcery in this thread that talks about the latest in the Elder Scrolls series. Excitement is very high it seems. Drunk

    Entertainment (Rest of the Lounge forums.)

    • Television and Film
      I'm citing the whole forum as there really is no massive thread to go on, but many good threads on various shows, such as Tron, Inception, and, of course, great B-movies. There is a Watch it! thread that will contain tons of links to sites where you can watch TV and movies free online. If you have one, give it up for the list! Grin
    • Music
      For the same reason as the last one, I'm giving the whole forum. The only megathread is the classic What are you listening to? thread. Keep up the bringing of new music to light, mates. Catface
    • Six Words
      The story is still alive! Help keep it going, but please read the rules and stay within the guidelines.

    The Rest

    • The RP Room
      Created for Kromel's Cthulu RPG idea, another forum was made for general discussion and hopefully the blossoming of other forum RPGs. Remember, if you want to make a RPG it can be a lot of work. Grin Friends are always good.
    • Kobe's VOTD
      Created by Koblentz to showcase absolutely the worst (read: F'ckin' Awesomest) videos on the net. Seeing as he's the self appointed King of the Gutter, expect horrible grammar and even worse jokes. Buck Teeth
    • Things to Avoid on the Forum
      A place where single posts will go to fester and die a slow, horrible death whilst being stoned by the rest of the forum in laughter.

    Now, granted, it's been two months or more since the Mob was remade, so there's a TON of great threads. I tried to highlight the most popular or "hottest" threads on the forum. Please don't feel bad if you thought your thread was awesome and wasn't highlighted as the next SotM will be soon, so keep on making great posts!

    I missed all you guys much, can't wait to game with you some more!

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