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    Spring English Comp. 101

    The Dagda
    The Dagda

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    Spring English Comp. 101 Empty Spring English Comp. 101

    Post by ephie Tue Feb 01, 2011 3:01 pm

    In this thread I'm going to post the writing assignments due in my English Comp. 101 class. Basically we're doing these once a week, with longer ones thrown into the mix. I'm just looking for critique on my writing. If you make one mistake, it's unsatisfactory. The topic of the first one is 'Part of Your View of Last Semester.' Laa It had to be 10-15 lines.
    My last semester was one of new experiences, as it was also my first of college. With it came all the warnings to new college students that both current students and students of old give. My whole life had been building to prepare me for higher education, teaching me how to be taught. If there was one thing that I learned in my last semester of college, it was that I could do it. I could successfully walk into school and walk out with high grades, albeit after hard work, of course. I also learned that nothing is given, that you have to earn it. You just can’t expect to be handed what you want. You have to earn the chance to go to school, you have to earn the grades, and you have to earn the respect of those around you. Starting off my college career with a high grade point average was the best thing I could do for my confidence. As I look back on last semester, I hold fond memories, because it lets me know that I can do the same this semester.

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