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    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG

    You are tearin' me apart!
    You are tearin' me apart!

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    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Empty Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG

    Post by Griggle990 Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:01 pm

    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG KOTORguide

    Hello this is griggle990 and I want to propose for us to play the Star Wars RPG. I have the books and can transfer the necessary info so we can play the game. If you guys need anything, just ask me and I will do my best to supply. The book I want to use is the KOTOR book since it is much more open ended and fewer memorable character for us to deal with. So please tell me what you think and maybe we can get the ball rolling. And of course Let the force be with you.
    You are tearin' me apart!
    You are tearin' me apart!

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    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Empty Re: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG

    Post by Griggle990 Tue Feb 22, 2011 11:48 pm

    Your Ability Scores
    To create an ability score for your character, roll 4 six-sided dice (4d6). Disregard the lowest die and total the 3 highest dice. This roll gives you a number between 3(horrible) and 18 (tremendous). The average ability score for the typical galactic citizen is 10 or 11, but your character is not typical. The most common ability scores for player characters (heroes) are 12 and 13. (Which is above average.) Make this roll six times, recording the result each time on a piece of paper. Once you have all 6 scores, assign each score to one of your 6 abilities. Strength (Str), Dexterity (Dex), Constitution (Con), Intelligence (Int), Wisdom (Wis), and Charisma (Cha). Then you need to choose a Specie and class.

    Ability Modifiers
    Each ability, after changes made because of your species, as a -5 to +5 modifier, Ability Modifiers shows the modifier for each ability based on its score. The Modifier is the number you add to or subtract from the die roll when your character tries to do something related to that ability. For instance you add or subtract your strength modifier to your roll when you try to hit someone with a vibroblade. You also apply the modifier to some numbers that aren't die rolls, such as when you add or subtract your dex modifier to your reflex defense. A positive modifier is called a bonus and a negative modifier is called a penalty.

    Ability Modifiers Table

    Score Modifier Score Modifier
    1 -5 12-13 +1
    2-3-4 14-15 +2
    4-5 -3 16-17 +3
    6-7 -2 18-19 +4
    8-9 -120-21 +5
    10-11 0etc etc

    The Star Wars RPG Species Ability Adjustments Table

    Species Ability Adjustments
    Human None
    Bothon +2 Dex, -2 Con
    Cerean +2 Int, +2 Wis, -2 Dex
    Duros +2 Dex, +2 Int, -2 Con
    Ewok +2 Dex, -2 Str
    Gamorrean +2 Str, -2 Dex, -2 Int
    Gungan +2 Dex, -2 Int, -2 Cha
    Ithorian +2 Wis, +2 Cha, -2 Dex
    Kel Dor +2 Dex, +2 Wis, -2 Con
    Mon Calamari +2 Int, +2 Wis, -2 Con
    Quarren +2 Con, -2 Wis, -2 Cha
    Rodian +2 Dex, -2 Wis, -2 Cha
    Sullustan +2 Dex, -2 Con
    Trandoshan +2 Str, -2 Dex
    Twi'lek +2 Cha, -2 Wis
    Wookiee +4 Str, +2 Con, -2 Dex, -2 Wis, -2 Cha
    Zabrak None

    KOTOR Species Ability Adjustments Table

    Species Ability Adjustments
    Arkanian +2 Int, -2 Cha
    Arkanian Offshoot +2 Str or +2 Dex, -2 Con
    Cathar +2 Dex, -2 Int
    Draethos+2 Con, -2 Cha
    Feeorin+2 Str, -2 Dex, +2 Con, -2 Wis. -2 Cha
    Khil-2 Con, +2 Int, +2 Cha
    Kissai-2 Wis, +2 Cha
    Massassi+4 Str, -2 Int, -2 Wis, -2 Cha
    Miraluka-2 Dex, +2 Wis
    Rakata +2 Int, -2 Wis
    Selkath+2 Cha
    Snivvian+2 Wis

    Click here to customize your character sheet.
    You are tearin' me apart!
    You are tearin' me apart!

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    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Empty Re: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG

    Post by Griggle990 Wed Feb 23, 2011 11:50 am


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG 050504_obiWanKenobi_hmed_11a.hmedium
    Description: Humans dominate the Core Worlds and can be found in virtually every corner of the galaxy. They are the ancestors of early spacefaring pioneers, conquerors, traders, travelers, and refugees. Humans have always been people on the move. As a result, they can be found on almost every inhabited planet. As a species, Humans are physically, culturally, and politically diverse. Hardy or fine, light-skinned or dark, Humans remain one of the most dominant species throughout all eras of play.

    Personality: Human personality runs the gamut of possibilities, though members of this species tend to be highly adaptable, tenacious, and willing to keep striving no matter the odds. They are flexible and ambitious, diverse in their tastes, morals, customs, and habits.

    Physical Description: Humans average about 1.8 meters tall. Skin shades run from nearly black to very pale, hair from black to blonde. Men are usually taller and heavier than the women. Humans achieve maturity about the age of 15 and rarely live beyond 100.

    Homeworlds: Various, including Coruscant, Corelia, Naboo, Tatooine, and Alderaan.

    Languages: Humans speal, read, and write Basic. They often learn other languages as well, including obscure ones.

    Example Names: Anakin, Arani, Bail, Ben, Beru, Biggs, Boba, Corrain, Dack, Dane, Galak, Garm, Han, Jango, Lando, Leia, Luke, Mace, Mara, Obi=Wan, Owen, etc...

    Adventurers: Humans aren't afraid to try anything, and Human adventurers are the most audacious, daring, and ambitious members of an audacious, daring and ambitious species. A Human can earn glory by amassing power, wealth, and fame. More than any other species, Humans champion causes rather than territories or groups.

    Human Species Traits
    Humans Share the following species traits:

    Medium Size: As Medium creatures Humans have no special bonuses or penalties to their size.

    Speed: Human base speed is 6 squares.

    Bonus Trained Skill: Humans are versitile and accomplished at many tasks. A human character chooses one additional trained skill at 1st level. the skill must be chosen from the character's list of class skills.

    Bonus Feat: Humans gain one bonus feat at 1st level.

    Automatic Language: Basic


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Jjportrait
    Description- The Gungans are omnivorous humanoids native to the swamps of Naboo. Technology advanced, they rely mostly on biotech, growing instead of building their homes and production facilities.

    While their culture is peaceful, it evolved from a series of long, bloody clan wars, and Gungans still admire strength and cunning. Most communities are devoted to farming or manufacturing goods that are then traded to other Gungan settlements, but they will reluctantly trade with the Humans of Naboo.

    Personality- Gungans tend to be inquisitive, cautious, and suspicious.

    Physical Description- Gungans range from 1.6 to 2 meters tall, with two eyestalks, long floppy ears, and long tongues.


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG 260px-Alien_snp_ithorian
    Description- Ithorians are tall humanoids whose appearance leads many to refer to them colloquially as "Hammerheads." Peaceful and gentle, Ithorians are widely recognized as talented artists, brilliant agricultural engineers, and skilled diplomats.

    Ithorians are perhaps the greatest ecologists in the galaxy, devoting their technology to preserving the natural beauty of their homeworld's jungles. They live in "herds," dwelling in cities that hover above the surface of their planet and strive to maintain the ecological balance in the "Mother Jungle."

    Ithorians also travel the galaxy in massive "herd ships," masterpieces of evironmental engineering that carry a perfect replica of their native jungle. Many look forward to trading for the exotic wares the Ithorians bring from distant planets.

    Personality- Ithorians tend to be calm, peaceful, tranquil, and gentle.

    Physical Description- Ithorians are humanoid, ranging in height from 1.8 to 2.3 meters tall, with long necks that curl forward and end in dome-shaped heads. They have two mouths, one on each side of their neck, producing a stereo effect when they talk.

    Kel Dor

    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Kel_dor
    Description- The Kel Dor evolved on Dorin, a world with an atmosphere consisting mostly of helium and a gas that is unique to that world. As such, Kel Dor cannot breathe on planets with common nitrogen/oxygen atmospheres. Conversely, Dorin's atmosphere is toxic to most nonnative life.

    On other planets, Kel Dor dwellings provide their native atmosphere which are stored in large tanks. When outside, Kel Dor must wear breath masks and goggles. They can neither see nor breathe without these devices. Most Kel Dor breath masks include vocorders that amplify the wearer's speech; while their vocal cords function normally in their native atmosphere, Kel Dor must shout to produce sound in other environments. Their eyesight, however, is enhanced when they are away from Dorin.

    Personality- Calm and kind, the Kel Dor never turn away a being in need. Still, most believe in quick, simple justice (even if it means engaging in vigilantism).

    Physical Description- The average Kel Dor stands between 1.6 and 2 meters tall. Their skin ranges from peach to deep red, and most have black eyes.

    Mon Calamari

    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Ackbar
    Description- Amphibious land-dwellers, the Mon Calamari share their Outer Rim homeworld with the aquatic Quarren species. They tend to be soft-spoken but vigorously defend causes that inspire them. Mon Calamari suffered under great oppression under the Galactic Empire; thus, it was one of the first worlds to declare support for the Rebel Alliance.

    Mon Calamari are widely recognized for their keen analytical and organizational abilities, and they have developed a reputation as being among the foremost ship designers in the galaxy. They see everything they create as a work of art, not just as a tool or a weapon.

    Personality- Creative, quiet, and inquisitive, the Mon Calamari are dreamers who cherish peace but aren't afraid to fight for the causes they believe in.

    Physiacal Description- The average Mon Calamari stands 1.8 meters tall. They have high-domed heads, large eyes, and smooth, mottled skin.


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Kateau%20Tessek
    Description- The Quarren hail from the distant Outer Rim world of Mon Calamari, sharing the world with the sentient humanoid species, the Mon Calamari. The Mon Calamari live on the surface of the world, while the more isolationist Quarren dwell in oxygen-filled cities in the deep recesses of the oceans.

    Offworld, Quarren generally stay clear of galactic politics. Instead, they often become involved with shadowy occupations such as pirates, smugglers, and spy networks. Many Quarren blame both the Empire and the Rebels, (even more than the Mon Calamari), for their homeworld's devastation during the Galactic Civil War.

    Personality- Practical and conservative, Quarren tend to hate change and distrust anyone who displays overt optimism and idealism.

    Physical Description- The average Quarren stands 1.8 meters tall. They have leathery skin and heads that resemble four-tentacled squids, hence the name "Squid heads" sometimes used by others.


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Rodian_0
    Description- Rodians hail from the Tyrius star system in the Mid Rim, their homeworld is humid and choked with heavy rain forests teeming with dangerous lifeforms. In this hostile environment, the Rodians evolved into brutal hunters and killers in order to survive. As a result, Rodian culture centers around the concept of "the hunt." Their art glorifies violence and the act of stalking prey. The more intelligent and dangerous a hunter's prey, the more honorable the hunt. Rodians have numerous annual festivals that exist solely to honor such activities.

    Since joining the rest of the galaxy's spacefaring species, the Rodians have come to view bounty hunting as the most honorable profession in existence, and many have found great success in this field.

    Personality- Rodians tend to be violent, tenacious, and dedicated.

    Physical Description- Humanoid, with multifaceted eyes, a tapered snout, and deep green skin, the average Rodian stands 1.6 meters tall.


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG TwiLekJediAce
    History- Twi'Leks were an omnivorous humanoid species originating from the planet Ryloth. They tended to eat cultivated molds, fungi, and rycrit meat. Twi'lek females were often used as slaves or dancers because of their beauty. A Twi'lek's brain-tails were highly sensitive, and grabbing them forcefully was so painful that it could easily incapacitate almost any Twi'lek. Sometimes, damage to the brain tails caused lasting damage to the Twi'lek's brain.

    The beauty of female Twi'leks was well known throughout the galaxy, and as a result many nubile ones were sold into slavery, becoming dancers or status symbols, most notably by Jabba Desilijic Tiure, while the usual ugliness of the males was also well known.

    Personality- Most Twi'Lek women are very graceful and have exotic beauty, while on the other hand most Twi'Lek males are strangely ugly. Most Twi'Leks believe that having there females sold into slavery was a great way to get them off of the rugged planet of there homeworld, Ryloth. While many Twi'leks lived their lives as merchants or even criminals, the race also had a proud and honorable warrior tradition. Both sexes were also very seductive.

    Physical Description- Their distinctive features included colorful skin, which varied in pigment from individual to individual, and a pair of shapely prehensile tentacles that grew from the base of their skulls. The tentacles, called "head-tails," "lekku," or "tchun-tchin," are advanced organs used for communication and cognitive functions. The two most striking features of a Twi'lek were their broad range of skin coloration within the species, and pair of brain-tails. The brain tails protruded down the back of the skull and contained part of a Twi'lek's brain. They also average about 1.6 to 2.4 meters in height.

    Males had humanoid ears, and among females there is equal biological evidence for humanoid ears and ear "cones". Both males and females lacked body hair, with the only notable exception being eyelashes to aid in keeping out the sand and heat of Ryloth. Females typically had painted eyebrows or had their eyebrows tattooed on, in order to appear more palatable and less alien to more base-line humanoid offworlders.


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Wookiee
    History- The Wookiees, whose name for themselves translated to the People of the Trees, were a species of hairy bipedal humanoids that were inhabitants of the planet Kashyyyk. One of the most noteworthy members of the species was Chewbacca, Han Solo's best friend and co-pilot, who played a vital role in the Galactic Civil War and afterwards. The Wookiees' natural habitat was the dense forests of the planet Kashyyyk (though one source does contend that they were immigrants to this planet). Kashyyyk was covered with massive wroshyr trees, in which the Wookiees constructed their homes and cities. Reportedly, Wookiees were descended from tree-climbing mammals.

    Personality- They had the ability to easily learn most languages. However, Wookiees lacked the vocal structure to speak anything other than their own languages. Wookiees were often short-tempered. Wookiees possessed a fierce style of fighting, typically eschewing standard blasters and grenades in favor of bladed weapons, such as ryyk blades, as with the Berserkers, and powerful bowcasters—weapons physically weaker species could not use effectively.

    Physical Description- Adult Wookiees were tall, in excess of two meters in height, and were covered with a uniform, mid-length coat of thick hair in various shades of brown. Although albino Wookiees were rare, they were not unheard of. However, such a birth was generally held to be a bad omen, as white hair did not blend in with the earth-tones of their forest surroundings.


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Zabrak
    History- The Zabrak, also known as Iridonians (when referring to the Zabrak who came from Iridonia), were a humanoid species native to Iridonia, a planet located in the Mid Rim known for its inhospitable terrain and fierce predatory life.

    As one of the earliest spacefaring species in the galaxy, the Zabrak played a major role in Galactic affairs. Like the early Humans, the Zabrak established many colonies outside their home system early in their history. The Elomin species was believed by some xenoarchaeologists to be descended from Zabrak colonists who settled Elom in the distant past. By the time the Zabrak encountered the Republic, they had a total of eight colonies in five systems.

    Long ago, the Sith had made contacts with the high council of Iridonia in order to hire the services of their most talented mercenaries. This influence remained with the Zabrak people long after the Sith were thought to be wiped out at the Seventh Battle of Ruusan, though it remained more closely associated with the Zabrak of Iridonia than the Zabrak of their colony worlds.

    Personality- They were a race known for having a fierce sense of self-determination and an equally dominant need for independence. Zabrak were often seen by most other species as being single-minded, an observation that was not terribly incorrect. This single-minded determination came from the fact that they were a race with a strong sense of self-assuredness, confident that they were able to accomplish any task that they set out to do. Though, they do have the conciededness quality, they do not think of themselves has any better than there subspecie cousins on other planets and colonies, though they were some competetion.

    Physical Description- Zabrak resembled Humans to some degree, but had a number of significant physical characteristics that set them apart from baseline Humanity. The most striking of these were a series of vestigial horns that crowned the heads of both males and females. They average at 1.8 meters tall and speak the language Zarbraki, have horns and facial and body tattoos. There skin color ranges from Pale to dark brown, red and black, orange and yellow.They also have a wide range of eye colors and have many differences in there inner body functions, that set them apart from there close Human Species.
    You are tearin' me apart!
    You are tearin' me apart!

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    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Empty Re: Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG

    Post by Griggle990 Wed Feb 23, 2011 12:36 pm

    KOTOR Only Species


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG 250px-Arkanian_KotORCG
    Arkanian society and history are among the most complex in The Old Republic. At different times in its history, Arkania has belonged to both the Republic and the Sith Empire and played important roles in each. Knowledge and research are extremely important to the Arkanians, and they are highly skilled academicians and scientists. It is therefore not surprising that Arkania would become a main repository of the history of the Sith Empire, as well as home to vast libraries of information from across the galaxy. Arkanians are not afraid to profit from their research and high intelligence. Arkanian corporations amass wealth by bringing key medical treatments and technology to the market at opportune times. Many in the galaxy find the Arkanians arrogant and aloof. They are horrified by the direction of some Arkanian research, particularly their work in the genetic engineering. Indeed, the Arkanians are known to have transformed entire specie over the course of generations, often to the detriment of the species. Even the Arkanian species itself has not been off-limits to research and genetic engineering. Specific subspecies, such as Arkanian Offshoots, were engineered for specific tasks. However, the Offshoots are less hardy and shorter lived than the original Arkanians-a trait not helped by occasional attempts by the racist Purebloods to wipe them out. They also differ in physical appearance, typically in skin tone, eyes, and ears. Reactions of Offshoot vary within Arkanian society. Much to the horror of the occasional outsider who visit Offshoot communities, some Arkanians regard them as merely tools or slave species. However, such feelings are not universal. Many regard the Offshoot as an example of the cruel consequences of Arkanian corporate greed.

    Personality: Arkanians are arrogant and regard themselves superior to all other species. Even those with a more moderate viewpoint still believe themselves to be among the more intelligent being in the galaxy. As such, they prefer the company of fellow Arkanians. Arkanian Offshoots do not share this arrogant attitude. They are highly confident in their own abilities, nonetheless.

    Physical Description: Both Arkanians and Offshoots are bipedal humanoids with near Human appearance. Arkanian eyes have no visible iris or pupil, a trait not shared by the Offshoots. The Offshoots have pure white skin and might display other lesser genetic anomalies. The Arkanians also have only four clawed digits, whereas the Offshoots’ hands have five fingers.

    Homeworld: the frigid and inhospitable world of Arkania, in the Perave System of the Colonies Region. Offshoots who have left Arkania are scattered across the galaxy, hiding in the lower reaches of society.

    Languages: Arkanians speak their native tongue of Arkanian, as wellas Basic. Offshoots speak Basic and a slightly different Arkanian dialect based on an older version of the language.

    Example Names: Arkoh Adasca, Dolvan Genarik, Jaro Salaban, Kalor Nelprin, Marael Kortva, Sulan Bek.

    Example Offshoot Names: Edessa, Gorman Vandrayk, Jarael, Zadawi.

    Adventurers: Arkanian heroes are typically nobles, scouts, or scoundrels. Many attempt to counter the reputation that all Arkanians are greedy, out-of-control scientists out to change the galaxy to benefit Arkanian corporations. Even Jedi Arkanians meet with skepticism distrust, despite their position. Arkanian Offshoots are typically any non-Jedi class that complements the task they were engineered for. However, most offworld Offshoots soon gain levels in scoundrel, just to survive.


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG F8d1d9f03b60590d38a131c53a76caae
    The Cathar are a proud, passionate, and loyal species of bipedal feline humanoid, well known for their long-standing friendships and ferocity in battle. They dwell in large city-trees, each meticulously carved with friezes depicting the city’s heroes and history. The planet Cathar is a wild place, with many ecological niches and huge insect predators. The Cathar easily hold their own, aided by their natural claws and passionate combat ability. Physically, the Cathar vary greatly in size and features. Some are muscular, with pronounced manes and beards, but others have Humanlike proportions, with fine, short hair covering their bodies.Cathar have high moral values, learned from family and society. As such, Force-sensitive Cathar often become Jedi, though they know the Jedi way to be in direct opposition to their natural instincts. Cathar know all too well the story of Cardo’s fall to the dark side under Exar Kun. However they might find strength in fact that Crado’s mate was able to turn away from the dark path and regain the Jedi way.As a nonaligned Rimworld, Cathar was devastated in the Battle of Cathar prior to the Mandalorian invasion of the Republic. Remnants of the species fleed offworld to survive. The extent of the massacre of this remote world was unknown to the Republic until an expedition led by Revan brought the atrocity to the attention of the galaxy at large, winning him the support of many Jedi durning a time when many saw him as an outcast. The Cathar begin resettling their planet after the Mandalorian Wars, working to rebuild their society. Cathar survivors find sympathy on the Republic world after Revan’s discovery, but many are too proud to use defeat to their advantage.

    Personality: Cathar are moral and passionate creatures with strong ties to tradition and family. They have great passion in all emotions, with love and hate holding equal strength. Despite their reputation, Cathar are even-reputation, but do not hesitate to act when needed.

    Physical Description: Cathar have leonine features, the distinctiveness of which varies by individual. Males have large manes, short beards, and tusks jutting from the lower jaw. Females have smaller manes but impressive fangs along the upper jaw. Cathar coloration ranges from light yellow to dark beige, sometimes accented with dark stripes.

    Homeworld: Prior to the Battle od Cathar, most hail from Cathar itself. After the battle, Cathar find refuge on most any Republic world.

    Languages: Cathar speak Catharese and Basic, using low growls and similar sounds to emphasize their point.

    Example Names: Crado, Elashi, Feeth, Ferroh, Juhani, Larducias, Marnshara, Nodon, Nonak, Stragos, Sulvar, Tinisho.

    Adventurers: Cathar adventures can be of any heroic class. Force-sensitive Cathar often become Jedi. Cathar scoundrels are relatively rare, for even they cannot escape their own instinctive morals. Such scoundrels create their own rules to live by.


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Draethos.1
    Draethos are long-lived humanoids from a little known, largely secret world in the Outer Rim. When on their homeworld, Draethos are fierce and unrepentant warriors. They are ruled by haughty, spoiled aristocrats more interested in local affairs than galactic politics. The warriors spend their time perfecting their skills and hunting fierce predators on their homeworld of Thosa.
    Draethos residing offworld are usually exiles who chose not to become warriors, each for his or her own reason. Thus, they are highly intelligent and pacifistic. Exiled Draethos become enthralled with learning as much as they can, though they might never practically apply their detailed knowledge of a given subject. They dislike debate – even on subjects they know extremely well – because Draethos fear overlooking details or being unable to adequately explain what they have learned. Older Draethos eventually overcome this barrier.
    Partly due to their long lives, Draethos society is slow to evolve and relies heavily on tradition. Attitudes developed before The Old Republic remain central to Draethos society thousands of years later. The stability of the Draethos culture cause exiled Draethos to have trouble understanding the complex and relatively rapid changes in alien societies.

    Personality: The typical personalities of the Draethos vary greatly between offworld and residents and those remaining on Thosa. Exiles are highly intelligent, but socially inept. They avoid conflict whenever possible. Draethos living on their homeworld live up to their fierce and aggressive reputations.

    Physical Description: A Draethos’s most prominent feature is a lipless mouth, which creates the illusion of a large overbite. Their tightly muscled humanoid bodies are covered in a scaly skin ranging from violet to mauve to gray. Their hands are claw like, contributing to the Draethos’s skeletal appearance.

    Homeworld: Few oddworlders know the exact location of the Outer Rim world Thosa, the Draethos homeworld. It features jagged, windswept mountains and deep, sprawling cave systems.

    Languages: Draethos is an erratic-sounding language full of harsh clicks and sighs. Exiled Draethos also quickly learn Basic and any other languages common to the region.
    Example Names: Odan-Urr, Omal-Zan, Uval-Nor, Shal-Orl, Tyan-Ruu.

    Adventurers: Draethos on Thosa are primarily soldiers, with a few noble leaders. Force-users follow ancient and mysterious Draethos force traditions. Exiled Draethos can belong to any class, and few have gone to join the ranks of the Jedi.


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Feeorin.1
    The Feeorin are known to come from the planet Odryn, a world of severe climatic extremes. Little else is known about the world, given the closed nature of Feeorin society. Few Feeorin venture from their homeworld, and those few outsiders who have survived a visit there tell of a world well suited for the Feeorin but no one else.
    Feeorin are massive humanoids whose aging process allows them to grow stronger and more powerful until they die, dropping dead suddenly of old age. Because they are long-lived, they have ample time to gather and use their strength. Feeorin who travel offworld typically select careers compatible with their self-serving and aggressive nature. Feeorin encountered on their homeworld display a greater range of personality and motivation. In either case, Feeorin do not seek out acquaintance with members of other species.

    Personality: Feeorin are reputed to be brutal and dangerous. While this is not entirely the case, they are quick to anger and highly impersonal. They typically place their own affairs above others, causing other species to regard them as selfish.

    Physical Description: Feeorin are massive, highly muscled humanoids standing over 2 meters tall. Their skin tones vary wildly, from coal black to pale white but are most commonly green, yellow, or blue. Half-meter-long tendrils hang from the side and backs of their head. Thay also have bright red eyes.

    Homeworld: The harsh Outer Rim world of Odryn, almost nothing is known about this planet.
    Languages: Feeorin speak and read their own language, as well as Basic.

    Example Names: Bral, Crayl, Dod, Dreyla, Feln, Kren, Nor, Nym, Pryn, Sayla, Zun.

    Adventurers: Feeorin adventurers are typically soldiers or scoundrels. Force-users are uncommon, though some have become Jedi Knights and Masters.


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Khil.1
    Khil are considered to be one of the oldest species of the Republic. They are avid travelers and settlers, spreading colonies and settlements throughout the galaxy. Even to this day they are still active colonizers. They respect planets already inhabited by native sapient species or other colonists, preferring to use worlds without significant major threats, be they intelligent or highly predatory. However, once a colony is established, the Khil become fully dedicated to its success. They are a peace loving species, but they are also highly driven and can become vindictive when impeded or crossed by an enemy.
    The Khil are technologically advanced. Their multi-ethnic cities attest to their willingness to live in harmony with other peaceful species. They are passionate supporters of the Republic and the peaceful order it represents. Unfortunately the Khil find they cannot follow their peaceful ideals in the current times. While they greatly prefer a political solution when possible, they recognize that the Mandalorians and the Sith are unlikely to be swayed by negotiation. Khil deviousness and vindicitiveness become especially apparent when they defend their homeworld and colonies. They have no desire to see their hard word destroyed, especially by a war loving enemy.

    Personality: Khil are highly intelligent and dedicated to their tasks, hating to leave projects unfinished. They become especially frustrated with those who would impede their progress, reguardless of whether an individual or government blocks their way. Their vindictive side surprises many who know them only as peaceful creatures. They view music as high art; it pervades their culture and society.

    Physical Description: To humans, Khil faces are ghastly. Their skin is a sickly green, and they have fleshy strands (hullepi) hanging were one would expect a mouth.

    Homeworld: The Colonies world of Belnar feature dank, marshy environments with wide open spaces. Khil can also come from one of their many colonies, or live in most any civilized area of the galaxy.

    Languages: Khilese is a melodious language, pleasing to other species. They “speak” or sing the language by breathing through their hullepi, which are different lengths, and therefore produce different tones. It is impossible for other species to speak Khilese, though they can learn to understand it. Not surprisingly, their written language is also ornate and resembles poetic prose.

    Example Names: Geld Bernar, Greldo Farnor, Tarlo Ganar, Revel Mallinor, Xamar.

    Adventurers: Though they are avid colonizers, they are not willing explorers. Khil prefer to follow in the tracks of others when possible. However, their compulsive nayure drives them in unusual directions. Khil adventurers can be of any class, and few Khil become Jedi.

    Kissai and Massassi

    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Massassi_KotORCG
    The Massassi are two subspecies of the original Sith race of Korriban. The Kissai are the priests and spiritual leaders who indoctrinate their comrades in the teachings of the Sith. The Massassi are ferocious, selfless soldiers led by the great Sith Lords. When the Sith Empire goes to war with the Republic for the first time, the Massassi fill the ranks of the Sith armies and fleets.
    The Massassi are fearsome, ruthless and efficient soldiers. They use traditional Sith weapons and armor-primarily the lanvarok and alchemically hardened armor. They also prefer to use simple martial weapons. in addition to their focus on war and fighting, the Massassi are also loyal and organized. Even though they are not extremely intelligent, they can be trained well enough to carry out complex battle plans and maintain their equipment starships, and weaponry.
    The Kissai are just as ruthless as Massassi, but are more intelligent and observant. their strict cultural standards demand that they serve their masters well, a trait instilled in them by the Dark Jedi who first enslaved their species. When the Massassi and Kissai flee Korriban (well before the arrival of the eventual Sith lords) to resettle on Ziost, the Kissai oversee the rebuilding efforts.

    Personality: Massassi are fearsome, loyal and formidable fighters. They live to serve their Sith masters. On their own, Massassi dedicate themselves strongly to whatever life they choose. Kissai are loyal and capable allies who perfer to work with others, making them excellent aides and assistants, they respond well to instruction and are adaptable despite great adversity.

    Physical Description: Massassi and Kissai have glowing yellow eyes and crimson hides. They are humanoid with distinctly sharp, predatory features. the Massassi are large, hulking beings who appear brutish-a trait that disguises their intelligence.

    Homeworld: Korriban, later Ziost.

    Example Names: Baelgren, Kelgath, Vissrar, Zythmnr.

    Adventurers: Massassi adventurers are rare in the Republic, even during the fall of the Sith Empire. Most beings in the galaxy would not recognize a Massassi or a Kissai on first glance, even though adventurers from these subspecies draw attention to themselves. Massassi and Kissai do not become Jedi during this time, but one might have received formal Force training at the hands of a Sith Master. Such training is forbidden, though, even among the Sith. Kissai are nobles and scoundrels, and Massassi prefer the soldier and scout classes.


    Knights of the Old Republic Campaign RPG Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTYnSCqx--ZhKVWyH6NWGQIDzJ9LS_VVEEVhSbNiZFgGKrhNHV5&t=1
    Miraluka are remarkably similar to Humans, except for two important and distinctive differences. Miraluka have no eyes, but they have a natural ability to see by using the Force. Since they appear Human, including their speech and gestures, most Miraluka attempt to blend in with Humans when traveling throughout the galaxy. Thus, estimating how often they travel or how many live off their home planet of Alpheridies is difficult, but the number is relatively low. To make matters worse, the Sith lord Darth Nihilus consumed the colony of Katarr after the Jedi Civil War. Currently, no major centers of Miraluka life exist outside their homeworld and colonies, through individuals might be encountered anywhere in the galaxy.
    It is highly unusual for an entire sapient species to be Force-sensitive. Given their connection to the Force, it is common for Miraluka to join the Jedi Order. In fact, several Miraluka became central figures in shaping the Jedi traditions during The Old Republic. The strength of a Miralukan connection to the Force varies by individual. Miraluka who are not powerful enough to become fully fledged Jedi serve the order in supporting roles. Most live similar to that of a normal Human.
    Miraluka and Humans tend not to intermarry, given the unpredictable and often unhappy genetic results. A rare exception is Krynda, daughter of a Miralukan father and Human mother. She was born with both Force Sight and functioning Human eyes.

    Personality: Miraluka are a thoughtful, cautious, and deliberative species. They have little interest in personal gain or glory. Some have a strong desire to follow their own path, because of their connection to the Force.

    Physical Description: Miraluka are similar to Humans. They cover their featureless eye sockets with cloth or visors, especially when traveling.

    Homeworld: The terrestrial world of Alpheridies in the Aborn system, in the Expansion Region.

    Languages: Miraluka speak Miralukese and Basic.
    Example Names: Damaya Guru, Embrul Joff, Jerec, Q’Anilia, Shoaneb Culu, Visas Marr, Zebron Tadro

    Adventurers: Miraluka adventurers are almost always Force sensitive.

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